We all know that celebrities, fashionistas and socialites often borrow high-end fashion accessories from designers. So it is surprising that this trend has not taken off amongst us mere mortals yet, especially when there are so many advantages of handbag rental over buying:

Change up your look

  • You could buy one bag for £1,000 or you could rent 10 bags for £100 each. If your aim is to evolve your look according to the day, your outfit, your lifestyle, your mood or the occasion, you can achieve so much more through renting.

Try-Before-You-Buy (TBYB)

  • So, you’ve seen an amazing bag on Insta, everyone is wearing it but you just don’t know if it’s your style; if it will go with the clothes in your wardrobe; what size to get; what colour you prefer or whether it will fit all your stuff in, so why not TBYB? That way you can take it for a spin (metaphorically of course) and test it out without spending the full RRP or later trying to persuade customer service to let you return it if you don’t like it.

Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG)

  • Unlike a monthly-subscription rental platform, Next In Line customers have access to our entire catalogue of bags and accessories and you only pay for what you use, when you use it.


  • Trending ‘It’ bags can become very difficult to get your hands on. Whether it’s because the item is Out of Stock or comes with heavy import taxes. Next In Line aims to breakdown these barriers and bring the best to you directly.


  • Believe me when I say that handbags take up a lot of space! We believe these items shouldn’t just be stuffed into the back of your wardrobe when they’re not being used. They need space and so if you don’t have space at home, handbag rental could be a better option for you.


  • There seems to be a real cultural shift going on at the moment. People are opening their eyes to the damage of the corporate world to our planet. Renting is a much more sustainable model than the retail buying model. Together with our fully recyclable packaging, Next In Line are fully invested in continuing to make positive changes.


So, next time you fancy a new handbag, why not rent like a celebrity from Next In Line!.