How It Started

It’s 2003 and I’m getting ready to go out.

My outfit is inspired by my idol (Jennifer Lopez in case you’re wondering) and I’m in love with my Louis (bag, not boyfriend….my boyfriend’s name was Leon). My glamorous aunty had handed down this classic Louis Vuitton Pochette to me for my birthday and it was love at first sight! For years, every outfit I put together was centered around THIS bag.

I took it everywhere….prom, holidays, New Year’s Eve, birthdays, the races, date nights, fresher’s week, graduation, my first job interview, dinner parties, my best friend’s hen do, my best friend’s wedding, my hen do, my wedding….it was even in my hospital bag when I had my first baby (breathe!).

Having this little bit of luxury by my side during my most memorable occasions gave me an extra level of confidence and was the cherry-on-top for all my outfits…..Next In Line is founded on the desire to pass this feeling to you.

My Louis Pochette has now retired from the public eye but as I have such a strong connection to this brand, I had to include a LV in our stock… I bought a Speedy 30 for you to enjoy!


Founder, Next In Line

Louis Vuitton
Rent from £100.00