How It Started

Like so many girls, my friends and I would often raid each others wardrobes before a night out looking for something ‘new’ to wear. Borrowing each others ‘stuff’ instead of buying a new outfit every week meant we had more money to spend on the night out itself….cocktails anyone?!?!

Fast forward a couple of years and I’m in love with my Louis (bag, not boyfriend….my boyfriend’s name was Leon). My glamorous aunty had handed down this classic Louis Vuitton Pochette to me for my birthday and it was love at first sight! Unfortunately for my girls though, my Louis was strictly off-limits for borrowing.

Next In Line stems from these 2 experiences.

Our mission? To make trending, desirable bags more accessible and to give you the opportunity to come and raid our handbag stash whenever you like.

My Louis and I were inseparable. Prom, holidays, NYE parties, birthdays, the races, date nights, fresher’s week, graduation, job interviews, dinner parties, my best friend’s hen do, my best friend’s wedding, my hen do, my wedding….my Louis was even in my hospital bag when I had my first baby (breathe!).  

Having this little bit of luxury by my side during my most memorable occasions gave me an extra level of confidence and was the cherry-on-top for all my outfits.

It’s this exact feeling that I aim for every one of our customers to experience whenever they carry a bag from Next In Line. 


Founder, Next In Line